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New electronic journals are available through the South African provider Sabinet!

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New electronic journals are available through the South African provider Sabinet!

Germany-wide access to this journal package is made possible through funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is organized by the SIS African Studies at the Johann Christian Senckenberg University Library in Frankfurt.

This license has an interlibrary loan option, allowing the content to be offered nationwide in Germany. Sabinet also has a number of Open Access Journals.

Journals in this package include:

  • Africa Insight
  • African Journal of Democracy and Election Research
  • African Journal of Inter/Multidisciplinary Studies
  • African Journal of Religion, Philosophy and Culture
  • African Journal of Sociological and Psychological Studies
  • African Journal of Terrorism and Insurgency Research
  • CABO: the annual journal of the Historical Society of Cape Town
  • Contemporary Journal of African Studies
  • French Studies in South Africa
  • Gender and Behaviour
  • Historia
  • Indilinga: African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • Journal for Contemporary History
  • Journal of African Education
  • Journal of African Languages and Literary Studies
  • Journal of Local Government Research and Innovation
  • Journal of African Political Economy and Development – JAPEAD
  • Journal of African Union Studies
  • Journal of Vocational, Adult and Continuing Education and Training
  • Musicus
  • Politeia
  • SAMUS: South African Music Studies
  • Southern African Humanities
  • South African Journal of Education
  • South African Review of Education
  • South African Journal of Childhood Education
  • TD: Journal for Transdisciplinary Research in South Africa
  • Africa Inst Occasional Papers (discontinued)
  • African Natural History (discontinued)



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