New open access books in African Studies

African Studies Library

New open access books in African Studies from Routledge in partnership with Knowledge Unlatched.

May 28, 2021
The covers of four books in the open access African Studies series from Routledge

Routledge Taylor & Francis has new Open Access African Studies titles through a partnership with Knowledge Unlatched:

There's more to come! See the publisher's website: "With the support of 125 libraries worldwide, 150 Frontlist books in African Studies will be published over a three-year period (2020 – 2022).  Routledge aims to publish a range of books on all sub-disciplines of African and African diaspora studies as Open Access, making them freely available and accessible to all. Routledge African Studies Collection shall cover a range of social, political and economic issues, interesting for scholars on the African continent and beyond."